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- Strela PVC reveal
  profile with mesh

- Strela PVC reveal
  profile without mesh

- Strela hammer set
  fixing TS-8



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Strela d.o.o. for many years, offers its customers a diverse range of constructional products primarily related to the production of insulated glass, PVC and Al carpentry.

In recent years, we have expanded our product range for production of a thermal facade - PVC corner bead with mesh, dripnose and dilatations beads, plinth profiles and other products related to the construction industry.

Strela d.o.o.

Strela d.o.o. in their own processing facility processes PVC leftovers in various products.

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Elements for thermo facade
Protective netting for roofing
PVC & Alu window sills
PVC sandwich panels
Elements for PVC carpentry
Rolling shutters systems
Materials for insulating glass
Processing of PVC waste

With the support of the Croatian Government
we acquired new machines
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