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- Strela PVC reveal
  profile with mesh

- Strela PVC reveal
  profile without mesh

- Strela hammer set
  fixing TS-8


Looking for a company that offers a wide selection of products for  making of thermo facades, materials for making thermo-insulating glass, a wide variety of products for the production of PVC and aluminum joinery and decorative PVC sandwich panels for doors and PVC window sills?

Everything you're looking for, you will find when buying Strela d.o.o. products!

All our products are protected by our own brand name Strela. They are produced by renowned manufacturers and all have corresponding certificates and attestations.

Contact us and let's start a successful business!

Strela d.o.o.

Elements for thermo facade
Protective netting for roofing
PVC & Alu window sills
PVC sandwich panels
Elements for PVC carpentry
Rolling shutters systems
Materials for insulating glass
Processing of PVC waste

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